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The Quest...Part 3

To have a true quest for something very meaningful, it only seems appropriate that this should take some time, patience and persistance.  Again, I will restate that I am in search of the next state record muskie.  The Lake this time?  Mille Lacs.  The Goal?  55 pounds!  Yesterday almost seemed like one of those days that I should have been laying out sun tanning rather than fishing.  Dusty and Loge jumped in the boat, which got me excited because of the luck they seem to bring.  The weather started out very fishy-like, but the fish seemed to think otherwise.  When I make a run to this particular lake this time of the year, I typically don't see a ton of fish, but its all about quality.  Almost exactly the same as a week earlier, we saw the fish we were hoping to see.  "What the heck does a guy gotta do to get em to bite," was all that my companions kept saying.  Patience is tested over and again when it comes to this mission.  Once again we saw a couple of fish that if boated, would have been a new state record.  It's cool, but also frustrating to see fish that large.  Cool for the fact that they are freakishly large, but frustrating cuz all they seem to do is folllow the lure to the boat and sink below never to return.  I am confident that this will happen again and again, but I do know that one of these times that fish will make a mistake, and I fully intend on being there when this happens.

While I didn't score the new state record, I did get some pretty sweet shots from the unbelievable sunset that we had.  The sky was a bit hazy, and the lake was as flat as it has ever been.  I find myself taking pictures on every outing.  I just love looking at the sights and scenes that nature provides.  The little angles that so many never take the chance to experience.  A sunrise and a sunset can be the single most beautiful setting in all the world.  I just love it and cannot get enough of it!  I took a few shots, yesterday and a few days back.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did living in it.

Travis Frank - Livin The Dream!

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