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On The Road, Again....

We'll I'm packing my bags and the boat for next week's adventure.  We'll be headed to Southern Minnesota for a couple of very cool shoots. Every wonder where the name Minn Kota came from?  We'll, we're headed to headquarters to find out! As well, we'll get the full history on Minn Kota and how the best trolling motors out there came to be!   Also, we'll be fishing a little know destination called Lura Lake?  What do you know about it and what does some of Minnesota's hottest bass fishing have to do with one of our coldest days ever shooting on the lake?  Here's a hint!

The Hint!

   I'll explain later!  Oh, and we got a tip on another GREAT summer destination in Southern Minnesota.  Bigtime fishing, trails and camping.  Any guesses where we'll be?  

The Due North Outdoors/Rapid Marine Lund

 Be sure to watch for the Due North Outdoors/Rapid Marine Lund.  Remember to enter Rapid Marine's big contest.  Simply snap a photo of the Due North Boat and get that shot posted on Rapid Marine's Facebook page and you could win!  Prize to be announced soon!   I'll have a fishing report from Southern Minnesota coming up shortly!

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