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Michigan Wanderers

p1010161.jpgSo, as Dad and I headed home from a week in Northern Ontario, I wasn't quite sure if I should be sad, or happy. After all, we're leaving one of my favorite places on the plantet, but I'm headed home so I can hop a plane the next day for a Due North work trip to Northern Michigan. I got home, washed my dirty gear, and hopped a flight to Michigan the next day.  There we shot three stories for upcoming shows.  First was at a place called the "North Branch Outing Club".  What a place.  It's the old fishing camp where folks like Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Nash and Dodge used to fish.  Now the Fuller family runs the 110 year old camp. Our ride around the camp was an Old Model A. That truck actually belonged to Al Capone at one time.  No joke.  Nice ride.  Lots of brook trout fishing on the North Branch of the Au Sable River. P1010166.JPGGuide Todd Fuller showed us an absolutely great time.  Funny, but just before dark,  Todd and I noticed the big Drakes hatching. Just had to look up to see 'em.  We ended up sitting for a couple of hours fishing one big hole.  After dark, we decided to do a little mousin'.  For any of you who've ever done it, you know that's the way to get the big browns to bite. Swinging streamers downstream in darkness tends to work pretty well.  Just trust your cast! After all, you can't see what you're doing.


Our second story took us to Saginaw Bay near Bay City. There, we chased carp on the fly on the bay's flats alongside guide Todd Zwetzig.  Although the carp were still in spawning mode, we were able to hook and land a few big fish.  Here's Todd with our dandy.  She ran right at 20 pounds!  Nothing better than spotting a tailing fish, figuring out how to approach that fish, presenting the mayfly pattern just right, hooking, landing and then releasing such a fish. Catch and release a 20 pound carp on the flats and your respect for carp will change. P1010209.JPGI was disappointed to hear that quite a few bow fishers were killing these fish and just leaving them to waste in the bay.

Sunday, we chased Saginaw Walleyes with Captatin Dan Manyen. Nothing like having three walleyes on at the same time!  Now, we're back in Minnesota getting ready for our next adventure.  I have a very interesting trip set for Thurday and Friday of this week. I'll be guiding a couple of guys from Georgia and New Hampshire on the Misssissippi River for smallies. They won an auction at the Hooked on a Cure event last fall to fish with myself and renowned sportsman artist Bob White. Bob will paint in his drift boat while I guide Wes Elmer and Bill Bruner.  Watch for an update later this week!  

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